Day Of Event Guidelines (Regionals)

General Information

The doors to the venue will open one hour prior to the start of competition ( unless the venue or school accommodations must take place) and is displayed on the timetable. This will allow participants and spectators access to the lobby, dressing rooms, and the BravO! Boutique. The doors to the auditorium will open 30 minutes prior to the first performance.*While BravO! does not change the start time of its events after scheduling, routines may end up running one hour or more ahead of schedule. Please be prepared for this possibility.

BravO! Is not responsible for any trophies, photographs, costume pieces, etc. not picked up by the end of the competition weekend. Studios will be required to pay shipping & handling for any trophies or awards not picked up by the end of the competition weekend. Personal items will be left at the venue. Trophies and awards will only be sent out by BravO! if contacted by the studio and payment of shipping is settled.

*Solicitation or advertising of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

*Please secure personal property, as BravO! is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Theatre Guidelines

*Please enter and exit between performances only.

*Food and drink are not allowed in the theaters.

*Baby powder, rosin, or any other forms of powders are strictly prohibited in the entire facility. Failure to comply with this regulation will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

*Smoking is not prohibited inside the building. Please check for specific rules on smoking with the individual venue.

*It is suggested that all dancers wear a cover-up while in the theater or any other public area of the venue.

*Restricted areas are for BravO! Staff access only. DO NOT ENTER.

*Applause and cheering are welcomed and encouraged. However, screaming will not be tolerated. Please be respectful and supportive of all performers and understand that any excessively loud talking or cheering can distract the performers and/or judges from the performances.

*Spectator admission is free of charge.

*Only same gender parents and teachers are allowed in the corresponding dressing rooms.

Backstage Regulations

ALL ROUTINES MUST CHECK IN WITH THE STAGE MANAGER PRIOR TO THEIR PERFORMANCE. Please send one representative to check in with the BravO! Stage Manager. Routines will not be considered checked in and ready for performance until all performers are in the backstage area. THE STAGE MANAGER WILL LINE ROUTINES UP ACCORDINGLY BACKSTAGE. (If a quick change is not involved, routines are expected to check in NO LESS THAN 5 ACTS PRIOR TO THEIR SCHEDULED PERFORMANCE.) Failure to do so may result in the routine being skipped or penalized. Please notify the BravO! Stage Manager at the time of check in if the routine has any props or require the use of a microphone.

Teachers and performers are allowed backstage only during their routine or when directed by the BravO! Stage Manager. Due to limited space backstage, spectators and supporting of friends by watching from backstage is prohibited.

No food or drinks will be allowed in the backstage area or in the dressing rooms.

BravO! is not responsible for any items left in the theater or dressing rooms. When possible, lost items will be left with the venue’s lost & found.

Walk offs or incomplete Routines

Any routine that is not completed or experiences a walk off  will not be eligible for a re-score. The performer may be allowed to re-perform the routine at the competition director’s discretion for any number of factors  such as age, time, or overall competition experience.

Competing Out Of Order

Routines are expected to perform in the order they are scheduled in. In all cases, routines must be performed during the awards session in which they are scheduled. If the routine cannot be performed during the awards session in which it is scheduled for any reason, it can be performed for judges’ comments and adjudication only. Each BravO! Competition is run in numerical order. However, you may be asked to compete out of sequence to avoid a delay. Please be prepared to perform at least 1 hour earlier than your scheduled performance time as BravO! Events tend to run ahead of schedule. Points will be deducted if a routine does not perform when scheduled unless the Stage Manager and/or Competition Director grants permission to perform outside of the scheduled time. BravO! understands that there may be unavoidable quick changes in the schedule. We ask that quick changes take place in 3 routines or less to avoid further complications.