Scheduling Details (Regionals)


Scheduling Requests & Late Changes

Any scheduling requests, conflicts, or changes to routines should be submitted to the Program Manager at least 30 days prior to the competition start date. When sending in requests, please include your studio name, the name(s) of the routine(s) and dancer(s) affected by the request, and the most detailed information possible regarding the request. Please send all requests to Requests received through other channels may not be accommodated. BravO! attempts to accommodate the maximum amount of request received. Scheduling request approval is determined by our capability to accommodate the request(s) and the order they are received in. The Program Manager will reach out approximately 3 weeks prior to the event to deny or approve the request. 

*Please note, BravO! cannot guarantee the accommodation of all requests. Each event has a maximum number of entries it absolutely cannot exceed and this is a determining factor when late entries are requested. This is dependent on the venue size, the amount of time agreed upon in our rental contracts, and stage and local regulations. Late entries will be approved on a case by case basis, determined by the date submitted and the event in question. All decisions made by BravO! staff are final.

Important! We cannot accommodate ANY dancer level changes or age changes AFTER the event has been scheduled. This greatly effects scheduling and may cause issues at the event. Please check your registration carefully to ensure the correct data is input into the schedule. 

 Changes requested after the 3-week deadline are subject to dismissal on a case by case basis. There will be a $10 late fee for each change made less than 21 days prior to the competition. This fee must be paid by credit card at the time the change(s) is made with 6% processing fee, and will not be finalized until payment is received. Entries will not be accepted once the schedule has been determined and finalized. The decisions of BravO!’s Program Manager regarding changes, scheduling requests, and additions are final!


Competition Format

BravO! makes its schedules based on the needs of each individual competition. There is not a set format. Each schedule is set based on the breakdown of entries (Solos, Duo/Trios, Groups, and Lines) for that particular city. We do not know this breakdown until all entries have been finalized. At that time, we set a schedule that will be most accommodating to all participants, as a whole. This is to utilize competition time in the most efficient way possible. This would not be possible if we were to follow a predetermined format. Please Note: We are doing our absolute best to service different markets that may require longer scheduling and may require scheduling flexibility such as added days or in school hours. We will do our best to inconvenience the least amount of people in these situations by placing solos or duo trios in these spots with refund options for routines unable to perform during the stated times. Studios will be notified with tentative schedules of options and details about the event as it pertains to these policies.  

Time Table

The timetable lists when each age division, level, group size, and category begin. It also lists all breaks and all scheduled award ceremonies. A timetable will be available on our website ( and forwarded to the studio email on file, approximately one week prior to each competition. A final schedule will not be provided if the studio is not paid in full.

Please note: All dancers should be dressed and ready to perform one hour prior to the scheduled performance time.