Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Register For A Competition?

BravO!’s registration is done through Dance Comp Genie! If you already have a Dance Comp Genie account, simply login and select BravO! from the available list of competitions.

 If you do not have a Dance Comp Genie account, go to and click the ‘Create New Account’ tab.

 Please note: Registration for each season opens in September. The opening of registration will be announced via Social Media. A courtesy pre-registration for the previous season’s studios will run the 2 weeks prior to official opening as a loyalty program. Please contact the BravO! offices for information regarding pre-registration or opening dates.

Do You Accept Independent Entries?

BravO! no longer accepts independent entries. All registrants must be associated with a studio account holder.

Where Can I Find Pricing Information?

Pricing information is available once you log in to your Dance Comp Genie account. You will find a link on the right-hand side of the page titled ‘Fees’. Due to company policy, pricing is not given over the phone or via email. 

What Are The Time Limits For Routines? What If A Routine Exceeds The Time Limit?

 Time limits are as follows:

Solos: 2 minutes 45 seconds (No extended time allowed)

Duo/Trios: 2 minutes 45 seconds (No extended time allowed)

Small Groups: 3 minutes

Large Groups: 4 minutes

Lines: 4 minutes

Productions (Large Group & Lines Only): 6 minutes

Solos and Duo/Trios are not allowed to exceed the above time limits. There is, however, an approximate 15 second grace period. For Small Groups, Large Groups, and Lines you may purchase extended time. Extended time adds 1 minute to small groups, large groups, and lines and 2 minutes to any production category groups.

What Is The Registration Deadline?

Registration must be completed in full 45 days prior to the start date of the competition. Any uncompleted routines will be subject to forfeiture after the 45-day deadline. BravO! does not accept late entries. Registration is available on a first come first serve basis and specific competitions may close prior to the actual deadline date depending on the volume of entries.

Why Can’t I See The City I Want To Select In The Drop-Down Menu?

A city not being available in the drop-down menu could mean two things. Either it is past the 45-day registration deadline, or the city has reached its capacity of routines. Competitions will only be marked as Sold Out once we have confirmed all projected routines, however, the city may be put on hold prior to being marked as Sold Out if we are working on finalizing projected entries. This is to ensure we do not find ourselves in an oversold scenario in which we are either unable to see all registered routines in the allotted time, or the addition of any routines would create a strenuous and overly long schedule for performers and studios.

To indicate the number of routines you plan to bring ahead of time, you may log in to your account once registration opens in October and set a projected amount of routines based on entry types. Please note this will prompt the BravO! Staff to follow up via phone call and email to verify the number and your attendance. If we are unable to communicate with you regarding your projected number of routines within a week of your registration, your projected routine slots may be subject to forfeiture.

How Do You Schedule Your Competitions?

BravO! makes its schedules based on the needs of each individual competition and location. There is not a set format. Each schedule is set based on the breakdown of entries (Solos, Duo/Trios, Groups, and Lines) for that particular city or accommodation of venue restrictions . We do not know this breakdown until all entries have been processed and venues have approved. At that time, we set a schedule that will be most accommodating to all participants as a whole. This allows us to utilize competition time in the most efficient way possible. This would not be possible if we were to follow a predetermined format.

When Will I Receive My Schedule & Routine Numbers?

Studios paid in full will receive their routine numbers and final scheduled performance times one week prior to the competition and a timetable will be posted to the BravO! website one week before, as well.

How Do I Pay My Fees?

Billing for BravO! is not processed through Dance Comp Genie! There is no automatic option for payment on the registration site. When you complete and finalize your entries online, you are alerting the BravO! office staff that you have completed your registration process. Invoicing will be emailed to the studio on file 45 days prior to event and full payment will be due at that time. A copy of your invoice may always be obtained through your DCG Portal.

Payment for fees is due 30 days prior to the start of each event! Please note that the only methods of payment for entry fees accepted by BravO! are cash, check, or money order. There is a $35.00 fee for returned checks. Credit card payments will be accepted with an additional 6% processing fee and requires communication with our office manager @ Furthermore, no studio will be officially registered for a given competition until their balance is satisfied in full. In the event that a given studio submits any payment less than 30 days before the competition in which they wish to compete, the only acceptable methods of payment will be cash, bank-issued cashiers check, money order, or credit card with applicable 10% late fee.


When Do Doors Open For The Competition?

Doors will usually open approximately 1 hour prior to the competition start time but are subject to venue and school restrictions.

How Will I Receive My Critiques & Score Sheets?

Critiques and score sheets will all be available online after the competition weekend. Usually, critiques and score sheet are uploaded and available for viewing/downloading the Tuesday afternoon after a competition.

How Does Music Upload Work?

It is mandatory that all competition music is uploaded one week prior to the start date of the competition. BravO! does not accept any other form of music. To upload your music, log in to your account and click the ‘Upload Music’ tab. You will see a list of your routine title. Click the ‘Browse’ button next to the corresponding routine name and select the music file for that routine. Please note: Phones, Tablets, Flash Drives, USBs, etc. will not be accepted. CDs are required for backup.

Why Haven’t I Received My Photo/Video Order Yet?

BravO! hires a separate company, Dance Pixs, to do all our competition photography and videography. They are a separate entity from BravO! and any orders placed with them will need to be discussed directly with Dance Pixs. For any questions regarding photography and videography from our competitions, please contact Dance Pixs directly. View Contact Info Here!

How Do I Get A Hold Of A BravO! Representative?

Please call our toll-free line at 1-877-272-8641 or email us at BravO! office hours are from 9am-5pm central standard time. Phone calls are answered as they are received.

If your phone call is not answered, please leave a detailed message and a BravO! representative will respond as quickly as possible. While BravO! works diligently to respond quickly to all correspondence, please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Please note: Staff will not be permitted to answer questions from parents attending an event about registration or payments. Due to a high volume of calls and emails, we ask that all communication be handle by registered studio owner and director!